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Dear Friends & Customers of Home Anthology,

We are sad to announce that we will be closing our retail space as of Saturday, August 31, 2019. Our lease is ending and given the current economic climate for brick and mortar stores, we believe it is the right time to redirect our efforts. We are creating an online shop and hope to put on pop-up events in the future. We are grateful for the support you have given us over the last 18 years. Your appreciation for beautiful, well-made furniture and collectibles pushed Home Anthology farther then we could have ever imagined. 

Please stop in! We are happy to negotiate deals as we scale back our inventory and liquidate shop fixtures. 

We invite you to share photos of your favorite Home Anthology finds as well as your email address by dropping us a line at info@homeanthology.com so that we may keep in touch. 

With our sincere thanks,
Rob & Nini 

Design for a Concave Surface by English artist Merrick Hansel; Kofod Larsen rosewood console table; teak lounge chair upholstered by Modern Chair Restoration